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Company culture

Chapter For Company

Enterprise Objective: Let's embody the value and make dreams come true together.

Operation Philosophy: Create value for customers to achieve win-win.

Action Concept: Perseverance.

Learning Concept: Practice Diligence All The Time.

Humanity Spirit: Be Pragmatic,Creative, and Responsible

Enterprise Vision: Use technology in plastic mould to make people's life more convenient.


Chapter For Staff

Embody their value and realize their dreams in New Vision Family.

1.Learning: Build a learning atmosphere, guide them to devote to their learning with a mentality of empty cup.

2.Spirit: Be Pragmatic,Creative, and Responsible

Be Pragmatic

(1)Stick to their own posts, and hone themselves at work.

(2)No retreat and escape while facing difficulties. Make every effort to reach the desired achievement.

(3) Face difficulties with optimism. Always make positive affect on the team. Do an example of the team.

Be Creative

(1) Break the routine. Make progress every day.

(2) Keep setting goals for yourself. Targeting the destination and do your best to achieve it.

(3) Proactive in innovation.Reach performance beyond expection in a unusual way.

(4)Keep reviewing your experience, making behavior modification,doing self-improvement, and finally transcending yourself!!!


Chapter For Customer

1.Customer First. Customers are the foundation of our development.Protect customers' business secret. Respect all legal products developed by customers.

2.Solve problems for customers with initiative. Offer customers support in mould managing.

3.Insight into customers' demand and offer over-value service to achieve win-win between customer and company.

4.Do proactive thinking and preparation to cope with customers' change in demand.


Chapter For Society

A.Compassion----Let all of us give a hand,thus the world will be full of love.

B.  Responsibility

1. Provide the market with high-quality products and services and contribute to social life and the economy.

2.Provide the society with legal employment opportunities.

3.Revenue. Taxpaying is the statutory social responsibility that the company should fulfill.